Composition: 50% bamboo viscose, 50% organic cotton

Weight: 254 g/m² according to the manufacturer, 265 g/m² counted by us

Size: long 6 (503 cm measured by us)

Rucksack carry with Tibetian knotless finish

Weird Slings is a “weird” younger sibling of the Polish brand Woven Bliss whose spiritual mother is the same lady, Eliza Jankowska. Woven Bliss wraps are elegant, with relatively subtle patterns and colourways and belong to the, let’s say, middle class as to their price. Weird Slings should be their cheaper, more casual, “crazier” eko-bio-fairtrade alternative (similarly to Wild Slings and ROAR) – for example, the wraps are packed in polyester backpacks made of recycled plastic bottles.

I must say that the bulldogs, among other Weird Slings patterns (with the motto being “Be weird, like us!”), are probably the least “weird”. Do you want a wrap with flies (or what kind of insects that should be), donuts or dripping ice-cream cones? Weird Slings have exactly such wraps in their offer, while planning such designs as pizza slices, toadstools or cupcakes.

The bulldogs are amazingly soft and cuddly – simply said, a proper bamboo wrap for small babies, with all its pros and cons. Pros – as I already said, it is very pleasant to touch (to the point that you actually want to cuddle with it instead of wearing it), it is perfectly pliable and easy to tighten – therefore, in my opinion, a wonderful piece for beginners (even for mums of slightly bigger newborns – I would not really recommend it for mini-babies around 2,5 kg). Cons (at least for me) – it is a bit more slippery than I would prefer and the bamboo viscose is nothing that would enhance the wrap’s supportiveness –  a single layer carry was not merciful to my shoulders at all.

Just FYI, I had the opportunity to try out the mint donuts for a little while at the same time as the bulldogs – in contrast to the bamboo pups, this one is a thick, heavy all-cotton piece from a whole different wrap universe – a toddler piece par excellence. Good to know that Weird Slings know how to make different types of wraps. 😉

My thanks for the opportunity to try this wrap go to the Czech Weird Slings fan group!