Composition: 100 % cotton

Weight: 290 g/m² according to the manufacturer, 383 g/m² counted by us

Size: long 6 (497 cm measured by us)

Russian Jordan’s carry

I have already encountered Weird Slings before – this June I had the opportunity to test the friendly Frenchies with bamboo. I though it was a pleasant mini-baby wrap but I did not find it very supportive – one of those you love because of its design but otherwise, hmmm, it is kinda okay but nothing I would tell stories to my grandkids about…

The bulldogs were one of the first Weird Slings’ designs and releases ever – if I am not mistaken, they were the first release after the (already almost forgotten) moths (which are, by the way, in the brand’s logo). Afterwards, Weird Slings began to profile towards the comic book type of aesthetics. The “original” donuts, Donut Worry (oh my, I love these puns!) did not really catch my heart – I tried them for a little while (the Mint variant) and since they were not broken in much, I was not particularly excited about them (briefly described – thick, stiff cotton piece which I can easily image being converted to a great carrier). But them, I began to hear legends about how cuddly the ice-cream custom is now and them and I started to wonder… What about the space donuts? Naturally, I was very happy when the opportunity to test them came by.

Just right after I touched them for the first time, being still unpacked in their bag, I knew that this will be the kind of “love at the first touch” that only rarely happens in my case these days. And it was, indeed! A cushy, cuddly, fluffy cotton, soft as a feather, super-thick (the weight I counted must be much closer to reality than those 290 gsm declared by the manufacturer – anyone who ever held a wrap or two with the weight over 300 gsm could tell without much effort that this is a much thicker wrap), but still perfectly pliable piece. The typical cuddly wrap for heavy toddlers in which you tie your extremely bouncy and bubbly 13 kilograms of love and your shoulders want to sing with joy! Moreover, I did not find it too prone to pulls and wrinkling. The only negative is that it is not a very space-saving piece you can pack in your purse – even a size 3 would not fit, not speaking about this almost-6!

The pattern is the best one Weird Slings released so far in my opinion, no questions about it – witty, distinctive, not infantile but cute and likable at the same time; the vivid colours on deep blue background pull it to even a higher level!

However, I need to keep my feet on the ground, despite all the above-written praise. There is one fly in the ointment I must mention – it is narrow. I measured only 61 cm – well, even narrower wraps are wearable, but considering this is a truly toddler piece, 61 cm just IS and will be narrow in any babywearing universe. It is true I usually tie carries in which it does not matter that much, but I would not be able to tie even the classical FWCC comfortably, not speaking about the rucksack carry… Bare three or four centimetres would do much of a difference! Such a shame, if it was not for its width, I would be dreaming about this beauty even now.

Hereby I want to thank the Weird Slings cz/sk group for the opportunity to test the wrap!