It is impossible to dive deeper into our review archiver than this! Yes, your eyes work fine, the photos you see were taken in winter – not the last winter but winter 2017/18. At that time our blog did not even exist yet; however, Linda and I, we were already busy testing wraps and carriers and preparing first reviews. Do you want to know why we occasionally take so much time to publish an article? The answer is simple – the thing that takes the longest is the postprocessing of the photos (ufff) and to be honest – when there is no pressure we just let it be. 😀 These reviews were hidden under so much dust that we basically needed to use a virtual shovel to dig them up. But we did it, so here you go, yay! 😉

There is no need to introduce Omnifera – it is the only truly high-end Czech brand; Linda loves Morava, I love “the mountains”, but we do not have any Omni piece in our stacks, neither of us – therefore, we need to borrow them (which is, in fact, much more economical, to be frank 😀 ).

Inception 015

Composition: 56% Egyptian cotton, 31% silk, 13% Seacell

Weight: 357 g/m2

Size: 6

Double hammock

I was very curious about the properties of the extra-cute-babyblue wrap – combination of Omnifera, silk and Seacell, this is something that could not be wrong. I must admit, right in the beginning, that I am not particularly fond of the Inception pattern (well, aside from Heart Rock and, of course, the black Morava I am not super-excited about any of the Omnifera patterns) – are these supposed to be some kind of deformed polka dots…? Surrealistic cat heads? Well, it should be Japanese calligraphy. I know, I do not understand art – but what can I do? At least, I will leave more Omniferas for others. 😉

It is thick (even the manufacturer does not recommend it for small babies), but it is still very soft and pliable; I had no problem tying it; however, tightening was not that easy as this piece slides a lot. This is, in my opinion, the only problem of this wrap (but for me, kind of a deal-breaking problem) – it is a slippery beast, did not hold in the carry in one knot (or in a sling ring) – and making a double knot with such a fatty is not very aesthetic. On the other hand, it matched Emilka’s eyes… 😉

Tested with 10-months-old, 7,5kg Emilka.

Morava Equinox

Composition: 61% organic Supima cotton, 39% extrafine merino wool

Weight: 312 g/m² pre-wash

Size: 4

Shepherd’s carry

My first (and I must admit that the only one to this date) encounter with Omnifera merino – THE super-fine merino beloved by so many, the one that does not bite or scratch, but on the other hand, so delicate that it shrinks even after looking at it cross… Yes, it is really very fine and does not bite at all; this is one of those wraps you really need to look for the sheep inside and wonder whether the weavers did not forget to put it in. The only thing that tells you that it actually is there is the fine hair visible mainly on the black side of the wrap. The weave is super-dense and thick, it feels there is a lot of the wrap in you hands (just look at the size of the knot! 😀 ) but it is pleasantly pliable. A toddler piece I would not be afraid to wrap even a bigger infant in (not a newborn, though). It held in the carry without any problems, felt slightly elastic (as the merino pieces do) and, not a surprise, we felt very warm in it in the May weather. 😉 Great, beautiful (okay, not only Hermetic is beautiful) wrap for the winter!

And by the way – why “Equinox”? Just try to guess the date of the wrap’s official release. 😉

Funny story (okay, not that funny, but still…) – what did I just say about the super-delicate merino that likes to shrink? By the time I borrowed Equinox, there was a terrible stomach flu virus flying around, so contagious that 22 of 20 participants of one of our babywearing meet-ups acquired it. Well, when do you think Emilka threw up for the first time without any previous warning signs? Of course, right in the moment I tied her in this wrap (thanks god she was still breastfed from about 90%). Oh boy, my neeeerves when I hand-washed it in our bathtub – just imagine, a wrap from the material with such a reputation, moreover quite an expensive wrap I just borrowed! But it survived without any scratches. 🙂 

Skyfall Antares

Composition: 74% Egyptian cotton, 26% linen

Weight: 238 g/m² pre-wash declared by the manufacturer,  253 g/m² post-wash counted by us

Size: 5

Front reinforced torso carry with a flipped back

This was one of those wraps you realize you are holding in your hands before you are even able to say a single word – “break it in” was the command! 😀 Wut? Okay, before I could even say yes or no (would I EVER say no? 😀 ), I was carrying the bag with this wrap home. Of course, as always when it comes to the names of the Omnifera wraps, naming this one Antares was no coincidence – Antares is a star, the brightest one in the Scorpio constellation, and it is a red giant. 🙂

Have I ever said that it takes a lot of work to break in a linen wrap? That linen is slippery and too little elastic? And that I do not particularly like it, mainly in lower-weight category? But this is Omnifera – it took just a few tries to break it in, it was sliding adequately while tying and it also felt quite elastic in the carry! Considering this was a bit atypical Omni-piece, a relatively low-weight “little baby wrap”, I was a bit afraid what my shoulders would say after longer wearing – but Omnifera, being Omnifera, did not disappoint and had no problem supporting Emilka’s 9 kg of weight. But – oh my gosh, all the ironing! Evidently not even omni-linen is prone to wrinkling – on the contrary, I am sorry to say…

Hereby we want to thank all the happy owners of these wraps for lending them to us! 🙂