Composition: 100 % combed cotton

Weight: 270 g/m²

Size: 6

Double hammock, freshwater finish

These fuchsia tulips were the second wrap from the Polish brand Monami (not that much well-known in the Czech Republic) I tested. I tried the blue tulips (in slightly different design) a year and a bit ago, of the same composition and weight – the only thing that changed is that my wearie is substantially bigger and heavier.

I quite liked the blue tulips (someone in Monami must really love this flower!); in short – a modest all-cotton wrap with not that much exciting properties that could be okay for modest wearers. By that time, I thought it was nothing I could wear a 15kg toddler in comfortably and my opinion did not change in case of the pink wrap, either. I would not be my “go to” toddler piece what so ever, even though the tying and tightening went smoothly and it felt quite pleasant on my shoulders, considering its weight. But it is slippery quite a lot, which is something I generally dislike in wrap – on the other hand, this is a feature Emilka loves, because she can destroy any carry in such a wrap in two jumps. To describe it in one word – an “okayish” wrap.

But – when I did my research about the fuchsia tulips (hurray, Slingofest no longer shows error page when it comes to Monami!) I realized one quite interesting thing – these wraps are really expensive. Just consider, 169 Euro for such an ordinary, dull cotton wrap while the most interesting thing about it is the cute plush bag it is sold in instead of a cloth sack? There is nothing magical about these wraps like in Vatanais that are supportive enough for toddlers even with the weight under 200 gsm; as to their design, nothing that would aspire for Red Dot like Omnifera, for example; it is not a famous high-end brand like Artipoppe, either. What is the reason of such high prices? Count in the usual 16 Euros for shipping from Poland and I bet you will forget all about buying a Monami even if you liked its simple, or some might say even trivial design – to be hones, in my opinion, there is no added value in these wraps that I would be willing to pay almost 200 Euros for.