It has been quite some time since we last published an article about Moisha. Now, we have a double review for you – one that we had to drag from the deepest depths of our archive and the other one very recent, but coincidentally both in the Zephyr pattern and both with quite interesting blends. I think I do not need to say much about Moisha – if any introduction is needed, you could read some info about this brand in the last year’s review of three all-cotton wraps, continue with another all-cotton one and end up with an article about three beautiful Filigrán prototypes.

Zephyr Lollipop

Composition: 41 % cotton, 39 % TEC merino, 20 % mercerized cotton

Weight: 305 g/m² pre-wash

Size: 6

Rear reinforced rebozo rucksack with candy cane chest belt

This wrap suddenly appeared at our home basically by an “accident” and the funniest thing about whole this testing is that we had no idea who the Lollipop’s owner is. In the end, we finally found out that it is in permanent foster care but its biological mum is Moisha itself. Hereby we want to thank all the people who forgot about this wrap and therefore it could spend some time with us! 😀

This “old” Moisha merino bites me as an Amazonian alligator (on the other hand, the “new” one is basically unrecognizable in the wraps and I had to search for it quite carefully in the blue Filigrán prototype we had for testing this winter) – if I wanted to wear it on bare skin, those 39 % of wool would probably eat all my flesh to the bone; luckily there were a few cooler days during which I could wear the wrap without being afraid of this biting beast. Merino is merino, despite having a mouth full of sharp teeth – I love to wear it. Tying and tightening went smoothly, no other comments needed. However, what really surprised me, is that Lollipop is very elastic in the carry – I am quite used to it from other wraps with merino (for example, my Kenhuru Wedmid contains even more merino and it is quite elastic, too) but this one pushed all the “wrap elasticity” into a whole new dimension. If it was even a tiny bit more elastic, it would be too much and probably not very comfortable for me. If not for all the biting, itchiness and scratchiness, I would gladly pronounce it “a great woolen wrap” – pliable, supportive (Emilka’s last spring’s 8 kilograms were a piece of cake for it even for longer walks), not too thin but not too thick.

But the design, hem… The Zephyr pattern does not offend me, but it does not make me ecstatic either… But the colourway… Some may like it but I would suspect there are not many such people (hopefully). 😀 In my point of view, this colour combination is feasible only on a lollipop.

Zephyr Ocean

Composition: 43 % Egyptian cotton, 36 % Repreve, 21 % Giza cotton

Weight: 280 g/m² pre-wash according to the manufacturer, 308 g/m² post-wash counted by us

Size: 6

Reinforced front wrap cross carry

Ocean is a whole other story than Lollipop! It is no secret that I am fond of Repreve quite a lot (just by the way, I own three Tekhni wraps which is a brand typical of using Repreve in their wraps) and I already tried Ocean for a short while about a year ago, so I knew what to expect – and I was looking forward to it and was not disappointed at all!

I can confirm that Moisha knows how to make a wrap with Repreve as good as Tekhni wraps. Although it seems thin to medium thick on the paper (which it is actually not, after counting the post-wash weight), Emilka’s current 12 kg were no challenge for it. How is that possible? Well, Repreve is the answer! The wrap is soft, pliable, easy to tie and tighten and I certainly do not lie when saying that I had a kind of “Tekhni-feeling” about it. I know this feeling from my own Repreve wraps – i.e. than even quite thin wraps are surprisingly supportive with an unexpectedly heavy load. Maybe, the main reason why is that they are considerably elastic and spread the weight of the wearie on the wearer’s shoulders perfectly. The only vice of all the polyester wraps is the tendency to develop lumps over time which is quite visible on this “antiquated” piece, too (it was released in 2016!) – but I am more than willing to forgive it to it, because otherwise it is such a wonderful wrap! Moreover, this blue is just “my” kind of blue! In my eyes, it even saves the ambivalent impression from the pattern I am not particularly excited about – and more than that, it suits the pattern so well that I would gladly welcome the wrap into my own stack! 😀

I have written this several times but I need to repeat it here, again. Do you want to know how I can tell that “the wrap is really good”? When I want to wear it again and again and then I am sad to send it to the next tester. Which I was after sending this Zephyr, too. 😉

My thanks for the opportunity to try the wrap goes to the group Nosíme děti (i.e. We wear our babies)!

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