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Pabelle Slings Llama Biscotti, Blur Sorbet and Makia Porto

We introduced Pabelle Slings and their elegant Makia Ivory last autumn. Meanwhile, we had the opportunity to try several other Pabelle wraps - two all-cotton pieces, the violet Makia Calluna and the Christmas limited edition Kisses Under the Mistletoe, and another Christmas beauty, Eshweria Flaming Star with lurex, or the blue-black llamas Llama Wakatobi with tussah. None of the wraps disappointed us, on the contrary, they exceeded our expectations quite substantially - mainly the all-cotton ones (one of the factors being also their almost unbelievably low price) surprised and pleased us very much. But let's not get ahead of ourselves; first, we have a review of these three blended pieces for you! Llama Biscotti Composition: 54 % cotton, 41 % tussah, 5 % linen Weight: 369 g/m² (counted by us in a broken-in wrap) Size: 5 Rear rebozo reinforced rucksack carry [...]

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NAMAK Night Flowers and Magical Song Hand Woven Wraps

Mrs Mária Nagy is simply a legend in the Czech-Slovak world of hand-woven wraps - once you enter it, it is virtually a must to own one NAMAK or at least try a few on your own shoulders. As I wrote in the article about the HamaMama wraps - every HW wrap is an original, usually custom-made and woven according to the requests of its future owner; therefore it is possible that its properties may not be the right fit for everyone. These two particular wraps were custom-made too, and hereby we want to thank their owner for the opportunity to try them. Right fit or not, in this case there is nothing to discuss - as to the properties, these two pieces are basically perfect, in (not only) my opinion. Night Flowers Composition: Tencel/bamboo Weight: 313 g/m² (counted by us) [...]

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ŠaNaMi Brown Coffee (Hnědá káva) and Paisley Bordó

ŠaNaMi, acronym from the Czech ‘Šátky Na nošení Miminek’, meaning ‘wraps for babywearing’, is one of the oldest wrap and babywearing clothes manufacturers in the Czech Republic. For a long time, babywearing meant wearing ŠaNaMi or Vatanai in our homeland, and those few imported pieces from our western neighbours like Didymos or Storchenwiege meant the highest level of luxury. ŠaNaMi was founded by the Adamec family from Týniště nad Orlicí in 2004 (my estimate - I counted that according to the information from Slingofest; I was not able to find any official information). Their first wraps were the classical, legendary ŠaNaMi twill-weave stripes. This is what the brand was producing for so long as 10 years, before releasing their first jacquard wraps in 2014. ŠaNaMi are no wrap innovators and do not experiment, regarding both colourways and patterns - everything is more or less subtle classic [...]

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Didymos Pfau Junos

Composition: 60 % cotton, 40 % wool Weight: 205 g/m² according to the manufacturer, 275 g/m² counted by us Size: 7 Reinforced front wrap cross carry No woven wrap manufacturer is such a legend as the German Didymos, founded in 1972 by a mother of four, Erika Hoffmann. The story of Didymos (meaning ‘twins’ in ancient Greek) began a year before that when Erika's girls, twins Lisa and Tina, were born. Soon after that Erika found the best helper and companion in her traditional wrap from Central America. Do you ever feel like a freak when walking down the street with your baby in a wrap nowadays? Just imagine Erika with her twins almost 50 years ago in a small German village where they used to live! If you do something for 50 years and you are successful [...]

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Kindred Wrap Pāʻia Lilac

Composition: 55 % cotton, 45 % Tencel Weight: 297 g/m² declared by the manufacturer, 283 g/m² counted by us Size: 6 Back cross carry Do you sometimes have the feeling that basically all the wraps of the world are woven in Europe, too? And that the number of countries in which you can name more than one manufacturer could be counted on one hand? And that everything else is kind of exotic, including the USA? No wonder, Americans are massaged by the ‘dangler’ (i.e. non-ergonomic carriers) manufacturers such as BabyBjörn much more than any other nation. Even such a wrap ‘giant’ as Tekhni sells its products on Etsy. I have a slight notion about Kindred, but mainly thanks to this particular wrap that has been traveling among the Czech wearers from the group Nosíme děti (i.e. We wear our [...]

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HamaMama Hand Woven Wraps Testing

One could say hand-woven wraps kind of live in the time and space of their own - they look different, their tying is different, their behavior in the carry is usually slightly different than in their machine-woven relatives. I do not consider myself an HW specialist (and I never will) - there are only a few people in this country that really know their way in the hand-woven world - the weavers themselves and a handful of super-experienced wearers, maybe. I was allowed to look under the hood last December when we published the interview with the weaver Erika Štěpánová, a.k.a. ‘Mrs. Honu’. However, every time an opportunity to try one of these unique wraps comes, I do not hesitate (for example, you can read our reviews of Hopity wraps here and here; an article about a NAMAK wrap, Russian Cotton Cloud or Columbian AYU wrap and ring sling). [...]

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Kenhuru Shevron Royal Red

Composition: 50 % combed cotton, 50 % linen Size: 6 Weight: 250 g/m² (counted by us) Variation of back wrap cross carry with a ring, front cross carry Attentive readers of this blog must have noticed that I love tsumugi (especially Kenhuru tsumugi) and tussah (again, especially Kenhuru tussah). And I also love Kenhuru merino which is supersoft and does not bite at all. I own a wonderful wooly Wedmid Navy which I bought back when just a few people in the Czech Republic knew about the Polish brand with a kangaroo in the logo. It is one of those wraps I will never sell - it is great, perfect in all the ways you could imagine; every one I lent it to fell in love with it instantly! But this Mr Incredible will never leave our home permanently. Oh-so-soft merino, [...]

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Yaro Broken Twill 33

Composition: 100% cotton Weight: 250 g/m² (declared by the manufacturer), 248 g/m² (counted by us) Size: 7 Front cross carry The most basic of all the basic Yaro wraps, laconically called Broken Twill (i.e. as one of the basic types of weave) is, in a way, a kind of legend in the wrapping world. Not that it is such a miracle like, for example, the mythical Vatanai Pamír or so controversial as the Lidl wrap; it is simply that cheap - certainly one of the cheapest, maybe even THE cheapest woven wrap. In some Czech e-shops you can buy the 6 size for less than 800 Czech crowns, i.e. approximately 30 Euro. Moreover, it is the wrap that inspires artists to create their original pieces! What is the story of Broken Twill? Yaro brand created it as [...]

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AYU Estrellita Ring Sling

Composition: 50 % recycled cotton, 50 % recycled plastic Length: 206 cm Weight: 230 g/m² (counted by us) Do you remember the hand-woven AYU Nenes de Leche? Estrellita, meaning ‘little star’ in English, is its pink/apricot sister. I was not particularly intrigued by the blue AYU as a long wrap. Therefore, it was very surprising for me that over time these wraps gained superb reputation, or even some kind of ‘divine gloriole’ of super-supportive miracles on the social networks. Unfortunately, I did not share these feelings. In my opinion, Nenes de Leche was too rough for little babies and too thin for bigger wearies and overall... well, a bit too much ‘eko-bio-fairtrade’, more than I am willing to compromise for these laudable causes. To be clear, both the wraps travel around the Czech Republic as testers [...]

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Dekka Elementy Simplon

Composition: 97% cotton, 3% rayon Weight: 330 g/m² Size: 6 Double hammock There has a been a sort of Dekka-mania among the Czech babywearers on the social networks lately - I have not noticed anything similar happening in any other Czech or foreign wrap-fan group, in fact. The cause of all the exacerbated emotions in the Facebook discussions, whining and on the other hand, hyper-excited jubilation is the manner in which the wraps are sold. All the Dekkas are released as limited editions, 15-20 wraps or so and they are sold via their e-shop. Nothing special, right? BUT - whenever a new wrap is to be released, prepare for mass hysteria, counting down seconds to the exact time of release and frenetic clicking through the virtual shopping cart. The one who clicked faster gets the wrap, the slower ones don't. Tough luck. Some are fine [...]

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