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Rainbow Frog Tessere di Mosaico

Composition: 100% cotton Weight: 332 g/m² Size: 4 Rear rebozo reinforced rucksack carry with candy cane chest belt Today I have a review of one of my biggest HW loves for you - it is this quite ordinary looking shortie I bought last summer as the "last and ultimate" wrap for my then-2-years old toddler (haha, I would have never guessed that my now-3-years old little lady would fancy a now-and-then hop-on from time to time even now). Of course, such a wrap had to match my very specific criteria - I wanted a supportive wrap, but not too thick to be too big to fit in a small bag, no light colours but no brown-green-khaki scale/"earth" colours either, something hand woven and if possible, cheap. :D A lot of people had a good laugh about it in the FB group [...]

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Tekhni Meandros Scarlet and Chloris Tidepool

Let's face is. Tekhni is no longer the most popular babywearing brand (at least in Europe) and the golden times of this manufacturer are long over. It is not longer "OMG, Tekhni!" but "hmmm, Tekhni..." for quite some time. Long over are the times when Tekhni wraps were so hard to get, second-hand pieces were sold for prices very close to (or over) the retail and everybody was looking for those "distant relatives in America" who would be willing to transport the most desired wraps to the Czech Republic without the necessity to pay the custom fees and taxes. Aside from the popularity issue, I love Tekhni wraps - Alpha Cinder was my second woven wrap (and the first one I got as a gift from my husband when Emilka was barely 3 months old); Arche Storm was the next one [...]

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Woven Wings Macbeth

Composition: 87 % cotton, 13 % merino Weight: 322 g/m² Size: 4 Front cross carry with a ring Today we reached very deep into our review archive - Emilka was barely one year old when we tested this wrap! Woven Wings, founded by three designers, babywearing moms and consultants Alaina Williams, Sarah Condry and Christina Mitchell, is one of the most well known British high end brands that emphasize the quality of the used materials, their ethical origin and local production. The first wraps were released in 2013 which makes it one of the most traditional woven wrap manufacturers in Europe. These triangles are probably one of the less known WW designs (their droplets, leaves, Geo Floral or simple geometric Geo patterns are far more popular with numerous releases - in contrast, there are only three "triangle" wraps). To be honest, at the first sight [...]

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HamaMama Nameless Neon Wrap

Composition: warp cotton + glitter, weft linen Weight: 384 g/m² counted by us Size: 8 (586 cm) Back wrap cross carry, Celtic knot finish We have not published a review of any hand woven beauty for a shamefully long time - last time it was about two beautiful NAMAK wraps (April 2019) and just a few weeks before that two wraps from Martina Diviak, a Czech-German weaver who weaves the wraps under the brand of HamaMama. But that does not mean I did not try any other HW wraps in the meantime - I had the opportunity to tie several of these unique gems, from Hopity, Honu, NAMAK, Solerin, AnnaTká, Fénix, Hoja, Indajani or Rainbow Frog and, of course, numerous Madalo wraps in different types of weave. It will take some time, but we will publish articles about them in the future, too. [...]

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Wild Slings Mega-Review

We have been testing and publishing articles about Wild Slings since the very beginning of this blog’s existence, from the first releases from the winter 2017/2018 to this season’s hottest new pieces. Now we have quite a few reviews of these wraps in our archive so the time has finally come to publish a mega-review of 8 wraps from this Polish manufacturer.  Wild Slings Frères de sang Composition: 50% Egyptian combed cotton, 50% organic pima cotton Weight: 280 g/m² according to the manufacturer, 347 g/m² counted by me Size: 6 Rucksack carry, Tibetan knotless finish “Frères de sang” means “Blood brothers” in French and nowadays it is basically a legendary design from Wild Slings. The silhouettes of forest animals and symbols of natural elements in monochrome - simply something that is very “WS” and defines the brand as [...]

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Agossie Wraps Testing

Quite recently, I wrote in one discussion on Facebook that I enjoy hand woven wraps more and more because the machine woven ones cannot surprise me basically by anything anymore - and that such wraps would have to be "the bomb" to take my by the heart. Well, it did not take a week and this "bomb" came - these three Dutch wraps from Agossie. Agossie is a lesser known and generally not very mainstream high-end brand. I knew about one Milkweed in the Czech Republic, but otherwise I think there is just a handful of wraps from this manufacturer in our country. It is always very interesting for me, to try wraps from such manufacturers, but regarding Agossie I was very excited and looking forward to testing very much. Which is basically the situation that leads to disappointment, right? Not in this case, because these Agossie wraps turned [...]

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ROAR Wraps Mega-Review, vol. 3

We all know the Polish ROAR wraps very well - we have tested them numerous times (you can read the reviews here or here). Now, we have a review of 4 other ROAR wraps - two of them are were released just recently, during the last six months or so, and the other two, taken the overall ROAR portfolio, are basically historical pieces. ROAR Sakura red custom (tussah, linen)   Composition: 50% Egyptian combed cotton, 30% tussah, 20% linen Weight: 260 g/m² according to the manufacturer Size:6 Double hammock This red Sakura custom was created for the Czech Wild Slings/ROAR fan group, and together with the pink merino/mulberry silk variant it is one of the few blended ROAR wraps (before Sakuras, these were only the sparkly wraps with rexor viscose, cats and dogs with tussah and the two [...]

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Geek Slings Yenn – In the Shadow

Composition: 100% cotton Weight: 280 g/m² according to the manufacturer, 361 g/m² counted by us Size: 6 Christina's ruckless back carry Geek Slings is a brand new Polish woven wrap manufacturer from Poznań founded by Marta Gąsior. It has been only 3 months since they released their first wrap and in those 3 months they managed to release several wraps with patterns that every true fantasy geek would definitely fall in love with - beginning with the Witcher or Cthulhu to the legendary Discworld. If have no idea what "geek" means - according to Wikipedia there are different meanings of this word, depending also on the context in which you use it. In this case, in connection with the world of fantasy, this definition is probably the most fitting: "A person with deep interest in a particular [...]

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Natibaby Nelumbo and Rainbow Violet

Today we have a review of two basically classical old school wraps from the Polish Natibaby. Old school meaning really old, at least in the context of the Czech babywearing world - in 2014 most of the current popular brands did not even exist and baby wraps were something only members of primitive African clans would probably wear, at least from the "average mummy" point of view. Even the oldest and the largest Czech babywearing Facebook group Nosíme děti (i.e. We Wear our Babies) was founded not a long time before than - in 2013. I can imagine that by that time, when babywearing was not common in the Czech Republic at all and most of the babywearing parents were using Manduca or Ergobaby carriers (and in case of wraps, it was probably something striped from ŠaNaMi), Natibaby wraps must have looked like a revelation, given their design and [...]

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Marisso Slings Aspen Galaxy

Composition: 32% merino, 68% cotton Weight: 320 g/m² declared by the manufacturer, 342 g/m² counted by us Size: 6 Back wrap cross carry with a chest belt I have been curious about Marisso, a British (or in fact Scottish) high-end brand, for quite some time. It got its name from Ana Marisso, its founder, and they produce wrap from high quality materials in a few rather conservative (but not boring) designs. Their flagship among their patterns is Aspen (just like, for example, the legendary Argus in case of Artipoppe). We were able to finally test one of these wrap, the nubby black beauty Aspen Galaxy, thanks to the Czech Marisso tester tour. I must say that this cuddly woolen blanket came just in the right time in the middle of January. :) Galaxy [...]

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