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Geek Slings Yenn – In the Shadow

Composition: 100% cotton Weight: 280 g/m² according to the manufacturer, 361 g/m² counted by us Size: 6 Christina's ruckless back carry Geek Slings is a brand new Polish woven wrap manufacturer from Poznań founded by Marta Gąsior. It has been only 3 months since they released their first wrap and in those 3 months they managed to release several wraps with patterns that every true fantasy geek would definitely fall in love with - beginning with the Witcher or Cthulhu to the legendary Discworld. If have no idea what "geek" means - according to Wikipedia there are different meanings of this word, depending also on the context in which you use it. In this case, in connection with the world of fantasy, this definition is probably the most fitting: "A person with deep interest in a particular [...]

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Natibaby Nelumbo and Rainbow Violet

Today we have a review of two basically classical old school wraps from the Polish Natibaby. Old school meaning really old, at least in the context of the Czech babywearing world - in 2014 most of the current popular brands did not even exist and baby wraps were something only members of primitive African clans would probably wear, at least from the "average mummy" point of view. Even the oldest and the largest Czech babywearing Facebook group Nosíme děti (i.e. We Wear our Babies) was founded not a long time before than - in 2013. I can imagine that by that time, when babywearing was not common in the Czech Republic at all and most of the babywearing parents were using Manduca or Ergobaby carriers (and in case of wraps, it was probably something striped from ŠaNaMi), Natibaby wraps must have looked like a revelation, given their design and [...]

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Marisso Slings Aspen Galaxy

Composition: 32% merino, 68% cotton Weight: 320 g/m² declared by the manufacturer, 342 g/m² counted by us Size: 6 Back wrap cross carry with a chest belt I have been curious about Marisso, a British (or in fact Scottish) high-end brand, for quite some time. It got its name from Ana Marisso, its founder, and they produce wrap from high quality materials in a few rather conservative (but not boring) designs. Their flagship among their patterns is Aspen (just like, for example, the legendary Argus in case of Artipoppe). We were able to finally test one of these wrap, the nubby black beauty Aspen Galaxy, thanks to the Czech Marisso tester tour. I must say that this cuddly woolen blanket came just in the right time in the middle of January. :) Galaxy [...]

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Loombera Slings Dadyr Solsetur

Composition: 54 % combed cotton, 21 % aloe vera fibre, 12 % cashwool, 7 % tussah, 6 % tsumugi Weight: 280 g/m² pre-wash according to the manufacturer, 332 g/m² counted by us Size: 6 Back wrap cross carry with a chest belt I already covered the "who, when and why" about Loombera in our last article about this relatively new, but very interesting and creative Polish brand. They are not afraid to use mixtures of blends, as I mentioned last time, too. So lets talk a bit about two of those you can find in Dadyr Solsetur - aloe vera fibre and cashwool. I must admit that I stumbled upon a little problem in case of "aloe vera fibre" right in the beginning - I found two different variants. The first one is "aloe vera microfibre" which [...]

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Moyo Wraps Testing

The Slovakian brand Moyo is mostly known as a carrier and babywearing clothes manufacturer (the review of their carriers is here and of the babywearing clothes here). Similarly to other carrier manufacturers they decided to make the carriers out of their own wraps, in four different designs so far. We had the opportunity to test two of them, Aloha and Village, just right after they were released. Quite understandably, Moyo, as a "carrier" brand does not tend to experiment with blends - all their wraps are universal all-cotton of medium weight. Their colours are very vivid, the patterns are distinctive patterns and generally very attractive, according to the general opinion of our fellow wearers from our local babywearing group. Aloha! on the Beach Composition: 100 % cotton Weight: 280 g/m² Size: 6 Front cross carry [...]

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Sycha Slings Frogs Spring Sky

Composition: 100 % cotton Weight: 235 g/m² according to the manufacturer, 240 g/m² counted by us Size: 7 Strangle proof back cross carry To be honest, this was the first time I ever heard about the British Sycha Slings when testing this wrap, kindly provided by the FB "Nosíme a testujeme", i.e. "Babywearing and testing" group - hereby we want to thank them for the opportunity. I am getting a bit ahead of myself right in the beginning but I need to say this - although it is not super trooper extra wrap (well, in fact it is not even supposed to be a super trooper extra wrap, but about that later), Sycha brought me to my knees because of their story. I could start my "historic overview" as in case of most [...]

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Kuukivi Bulik 2.0

Composition: 96 % cotton, 4 % sparkle Weight: 300 g/m² Size: 7 Russian Jordan's Carry Kuukivi, which translates from Finnish poetically as "moonstone", is a younger, cheaper and less fancy sibling of the Polish Loombera (well, at least I think so; there is no official website aside from the Facebook page and even Slingofest does not seem to know Kuukivi yet - I only assume that Kuukivi and Loombera are related because they are connected by the same person in charge, Aleksandra Glabus, and that they have shared fan groups on Facebook ;) ). Otherwise, Kuukivi is as mysterious as it own name. I tried to understand why Kuukivi is Aleksandra's separate project; i.e. that it is a "budget" brand for that part of the babywearing public who cannot afford a Loombera. However, I do not see [...]

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Loombera Slings Testing

Loombera, a Warsavian woven wrap brand with two cute bears in its logo, is one of the newest players on the Polish high-end babywearing field; it was founded only in 2018. Scandinavia-inspired design, elaborate and luxurious blends (Loombera is not afraid to use even five blends in one wrap or exquisite blends such as aloe), wraps released in extremely limited editions - all the ingredients that a good HE brand should have so that people are willing to pay for their goods and feel they are getting exactly what their money is worth. After all, I am one of those people - one gorgeous Loombera resides in our stack, too. It is the beautiful light-blue Skarpur Snjór (do not be overexcited, today is not the time for its review - the reason is quite simply; we have not have the time to take the photos with it, yet). By [...]

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Sling Studio Bracken Fern Frost

Composition: 50 % schappe silk, 50 % cotton Weight: 250 g/m² Size: 6 Reinforced front wrap cross carry Not having a single article about such a famous brand as Sling Studio here, on our blog? Almost unforgivable. However, it does not mean that I never held a wrap from this manufacturer in my hand before - on the contrary, it has been quite a long time since I had the first opportunity to try and tie a Sling Studio - well, just as you can see in these photos that were obviously taken quite some time ago. To be clear, this review was written almost a year and a half ago but it had to wait for the photos for such a long time. Yes, that is what takes me so long usually; I am undeniably a kind of a graphomaniac [...]

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Monami Slings Tulipannah Fuchsia

Composition: 100 % combed cotton Weight: 270 g/m² Size: 6 Double hammock, freshwater finish These fuchsia tulips were the second wrap from the Polish brand Monami (not that much well-known in the Czech Republic) I tested. I tried the blue tulips (in slightly different design) a year and a bit ago, of the same composition and weight - the only thing that changed is that my wearie is substantially bigger and heavier. I quite liked the blue tulips (someone in Monami must really love this flower!); in short - a modest all-cotton wrap with not that much exciting properties that could be okay for modest wearers. By that time, I thought it was nothing I could wear a 15kg toddler in comfortably and my opinion did not change in case of the pink wrap, either. I would not be my "go [...]

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