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NoMa Baby Klasik Carrier

NoMa Baby is one of the less notorious Slovakian manufacturers of carriers and woven wrap accessories (at least in the Czech Republic). I need to say - what a shame, right in the beginning! I have been following NoMa on Facebook for quite some time, I really like their work and therefore I was very glad I got the opportunity to test one of their carriers. I also have one remark to start with - although I have already somewhat came to terms with this fact in the babywearing world and it does not surprise me anymore, the online existence of some brands only on Facebook does not seem adequate anymore (mainly if the manufacturer does not share much information about themselves, just like in case of NoMa). Nowadays, when the babywearing market is oversaturated and the competition between the manufacturers is [...]

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Eli Handmade 2in1 Carrier

Eli Handmade carriers are manufactured in Šumperk, Czech Republic, by (surprise, surprise) Eli - i.e. Eliška Matějčková who made her first carrier (surprise, surprise) for her own son several years ago. I must admit I intentionally avoided reviewing this brand for some time and I had to summon up courage to do so. The first reason is that I am not really fond of extra-soft waist belts (which I knew was typical of Eli Handmade) and the second reason is that one of the carriers did not get much excited reviews in our local babywearing group a while ago. Why? I cannot really say, to be honest. Maybe it was the choice of the particular tester carrier (as Eliška said helself, it was a trial carrier), maybe the overall dissatisfaction was caused by the first critical reviews and the rest just jumped on the bandwagon. All in all, Eli [...]

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Manduca First Vivid Green

Manduca is the most well-known and the most popular ergonomic carrier at least in central Europe, without any questions. Actually, for many people, the word "Manduca" has become a synonym for any ergonomic carrier. Together with the American Ergobaby, Manduca was one of their first "mass" producers - it has been on the market since 2002 (probably - I was not able to find the answer even on the official Manduca website - only the information about its fusion with the Wickelkinder company). Anyway, someone who has dominated a certain market for nearly two decades must be doing it right. Or not? Some technical data - first, what the manufacturer (or the distributor) says: the carrier is suitable for children from birth to 5 years (from 3 to 20 kg) the inner-integrated newborn insert enables carrying the babies since birth, and approximately since 3 months, [...]

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Testing of MoniLu Carriers

Aside from Andala, MoniLu is probably the most popular carrier manufacturer in the Czech Republic. Anytime you go anywhere at a babywearing meet-up, or basically anything connected with babywearing, you can be sure to encounter at least one or two MoniLus. Therefore, we had the opportunity to look, touch and try these carriers in most of their versions over time and now we even got our hands on their hot new product - the carrier intended for the smallest babies, suitable from birth according to the manufacturer - MoniLu UNI Start. All the MoniLu carriers have a lot in common, naturally - the typical soft-hard waist belt (in my opinion it is soft, but many fellow-wearers consider it "hard" - therefore I use this ugly term - "soft-hard" :D ), generously padded shoulder straps and particularly the materials and sewing of very high quality. At [...]

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Kokon Komfort Carrier

Kokon (i.e. ‘cocoon’ in English), or ‘Gooslionok’ in its native Russian tongue, is widely known in its classical version - a soft structured carrier made of fabric (i.e. not of a woven wrap), with a cooling vent pocket or without it (we had the opportunity to test one with the pocket last autumn) and with wide shoulder straps intended to be worn crossed. Despite the enormous amount of different wrap conversions emerging on the babywearing market in the last few years, it still remains quite popular while one of the factors is, to be honest, that it is really affordable. Kokon's manufacturer is not afraid of experimenting and tries to move forward which is only commendable. Aside from the classical version, they offer a carrier suitable for little babies called Chick (which we tested last summer) and also the huge Toddler version in which, with a strong enough wearer, even a [...]

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Kavka Multi-age

At the very beginning, I need to give some space to two different Polish babywearing brands in this article. I first saw Kavka as a wrap conversion made of a Pabelle wrap, and later also a Kenhuru conversion. I was especially intrigued by the blue Pabelle Llama wrap conversion; however, buying a carrier I did not try on blind, moreover from a foreign country - I guess my pockets are somewhat too deep for that.  Later, we met the wonderful Daria Lampart, a.k.a. “Mrs Kenhuru” at a babywearing festival during the International Babywearing Week. We love Kenhuru deeply (you can read all about my love to Kenhuru’s tsumugi here and tussah here ;) ), we started chatting and, in the end, she kindly gifted us one of the Kenhuru/Kavka carriers for testing. Hereby we want to thank her for her unbelievable [...]

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KiBi, the Wrap Conversion Carrier

KiBi - that’s a real thing in the Czech lands – in the babywearing groups on Facebook, the questions like “Is it better to buy Manduca or KiBi?” are asked on daily basis. If ˈManducaˈ is a synonym for ergonomic carrier for less-experienced wearers or beginners, thenˈKiBiˈ has a similar function in the Czech Republic. We already wrote about the KiBi company in our review about Lenire wraps. And precisely those Lenire wraps have been used as the material for back panel of the new KiBi wrap conversions. Hereby we would like to thank to KiBi for giving us the opportunity to test the carrier! Lenka’s View: This particular testing was quite unusual. We often have just a few days, sometimes even one single day, to test a carrier or a wrap. And sometimes, you know, bad weather comes suddenly or your child gets sick [...]

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Be Lenka Middlesize

Linda’s View: I promised you a review of the non-adjustable Be Lenka carrier, specifically its middle size, some time this summer. I must admit I forgot about it and because it is the time of the New Year’s resolutions, I have to make amends. Nowadays, most mums want a carrier that could be used from birth to at least 5 years of age and the non-adjustable carriers are becoming less and less popular. I say it all the time - what a pity! The non-adjustable carriers will always fit the baby the best and will be the most comfortable both for you and your wearie. You do not have to be afraid that it would fit only for a month or so. Of course, it is individual and it depends on how fast the baby grows, but usually you would need only two carriers throughout your babywearing years. This [...]

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Fidella Fly Tai New Size and Fidella Fusion Toddler 2.0

I have to make a confession at the very beginning – I simply hate writing all those ˈhistoricalˈ introductions about manufacturers of wraps and carriers… ;) Well, it’s great and all to get to know something new, you often get a brand-new perspective, but… I really do not enjoy all the digging on the Internet until I find something worth publishing. As regards Fidella, I have already done my job (you can read all the necessary information in the Fidella Outer Space Lilac Ring Sling Review). Moreover, I really cannot complain about this brand – my job was quite easy due to the fact that Fidella’s website contains a fairly extensive ˈAbout Usˈ section. May all the manufacturers think alike and thus make my life a bit easier… As I already mentioned in the article about Fidella RS, the brand is usually perceived as a manufacturer of carriers in [...]

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Kokon Carrier with a Cooling Vent Pocket

We have already published quite a comprehensive review of the Kokon Chick carrier (in which you can find all the information about ˈwho, what, when and whereˈ of this brand); however, it is actually this classical version of Kokon that we tested with Emilka more thoroughly than any other carrier. The first time we tried it was about a year ago, when Emilka was 6 months old - just for a few moments, at a babywearing meet-up (we borrowed it from our dear Jana)… I was not very excited about it that time, even though it already fit us quite well. What can I say, a little 6-month-old in a carrier, me being primarily wrap-inclined; the need to stick the legs of the wearie through the hole between the extender and the back panel, neck-breaking tightening of the one-directional buckles of the crossed shoulder straps… It is possible that [...]

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