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Angel Wings Babywearing Clothes

Lenka’s View: I think I would not lie if I said that Angel Wings are considered to be the absolute top Czech brand of babywearing clothes - whether you talk about the design, top quality of the materials and sewing, or the extent of their portfolio which includes also products for babywearing dads and little wearies. It was a really long and demanding journey that Angel Wings had to take to become what they are now - the heart and soul of the company is (just as the story usually goes) one admirable babywearing mum, Rehana Ježková. I recommend reading her life story at her personal blog - why and how she decided to found a babywearing clothes brand and what she had to (and eventually did) put in stake to make her dream come true - only then you will know what devotion and diligence really mean! [...]

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Iw design 2in1 Hoodie

Iw is pronounced [i:ve], not [elˈwi:]! :D Iw as Iw (Ivana) Řezníčková who created these wonderful hoodies. Aside from hoodies, Ivana and her team also sew babywearing jackets and pockets, pregnancy and also ˈnormalˈ non-babywearing clothes (while they also offer clothes for babywearing dads and non-babywearing men!) and they even manufacture dog collars, all in the unique Iw style. However, the colorful studded hoodies ˈIwiesˈ have always been their signature article. Although it has been (according to the Internet) more than 3 years since Iw entered the babywearing fashion market, the main boom of Iw hoodies came about a year ago, in my opinion. About that time I also had my own hoodie made. You can find all the information about Iw design and their products at their Facebook page. All the communication with Iw also happens on Facebook, or Messenger [...]

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Loktu She Babywearing Clothes

Babywearing Hoodie Size: M Lenka’s View: I must admit right at the beginning that I am a bit spoiled by my own wonderful, custom-made babywearing hoodie and therefore I find very few things to be as wonderful… Loktu She hoodie is simply, ehm - ordinary, compared to my own one. It is sewn very well, that I have to say; the material is thin so it is perfect for cooler summer evenings or for warmer autumn. The insert is just great, in my opinion - I do not mind the absence of the hood (I do not use the hood of the insert after all, because I usually wear a wrap and fix the head of the wearie with the wrap itself; moreover, all the carriers are equipped with their own hood, as far as I know), it is possible to adjust the hood right behind the wearie’s neck, [...]

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