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Creatula Babywearing Jacket and Sweatshirt

Creatula is a new Czech brand of babywearing clothes, founded by two mums from Uherské Hradiště. They were not able to choose from the offer of babywearing garment available on the Czech market so they started to sew their own. Honestly, I understand it because I have not found the perfect babywearing jacket or hoodie that would have all the features I desire in such a piece of clothing yet, too (nope, not even my beloved Iw design hoodie is perfect in my eyes, in case you were wondering). However, I must say that Creatula came very near to my image of the "ideal" babywearing clothes. Creatula girls, Daniela and Eva, reached out to Linda and me this spring when we were busy preparing the European Babywearing Week minifestival here in Ostrava - we were more than happy to agree with their participation and subsequently organized a testing tour [...]

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Angel Wings wrap cardigan and nursing top

It is no secret that Linda and I love Angel Wings babywearing clothes as you could have read in our article we published last autumn. This year, they also offer hot new items for pregnant and breastfeeding mums and we were very excited about the opportunity to try two of them on. "Angora" wrap cardigan Material: 80% polyester, 15% viscose, 5% spandex Size XS Lenka's View: Is this a vegan cardigan for real? I would never guess that after touching it for the first time and I would rather thing that there is some noble sheep hidden in it - it does not feel like made of artificial material at all and feels very pleasant on bare skin. It is a little bit hairy and unfortunately tends to develop lumps, mainly in the most exposed places but that is not surprising [...]

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Loktu She Babywearing Wrap Cardigan

Material: merino wool Size: S/M Last autumn, we reviewed the Loktu She babywearing sweater and were truly excited about it - a wonderful piece; but let's be honest, without a wearie or a pregnant belly it is not very versatile and quite pricy considering one would not probably use it "after the baby". The elegant wrap cardigan was intended to solve this problem, i.e. to look good even without the compulsory "load". Same as its older turtleneck sibling, the wrap cardigan is wonderfully warm and will keep you nice and cosy even during the coldest winter temperatures - however, you somehow need to solve the neck protection, but from my own experience something as simple as a woolen scarf will do a perfect job. But that is due to the wrap cut of the cardigan, obviously. And as I already said, [...]

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Kokon Anorak and Winter Cover

Well, May is here in a few days and the average temperature rises up to 20°C, so this review may seem a bit pointless - but anyway, maybe someone is planning their summer holiday in Iceland or somewhere else around the polar circle and might appreciate reading an article about this babywearing gear. :) Anorak/raincoat (placed over carrier) I was not very excited about the babywearing anorak made by Almya, but I must say I really liked this raincoat, or better said anorak (I do not suppose it is perfectly waterproof) that you place over the carrier or a wrap from the Russian brand Kokon - it really is not a bad idea. If you travel light and like hiking, it will be perfect for such a purpose - you can pack it into a really small package that will not occupy much space in [...]

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Made by Zuz Babywearing Parka

Three times bravo and hallelujah! The Made by Zuz parka was probably designed and sewn by someone who actually babywears (and moreover, babywears on the back!) - that certainly helps a lot, in any case. ;) Zuz is no newbie on the Czech babywearing market - she sold her first products on Fler (Czech version of Etsy) in 2015 which can be considered (regarding the diversity of offer of the babywearing garments) medieval ages of babywearing, if not even stone age. Aside from the babywearing clothes both for mums and dads, Zuz offers also nursing clothes and clothes for children; however, the babywearing jackets and hoodies still remain the main and the most renowned article in the brand's portfolio. As I already said, this parka is great! It is made of very warm soft-shell (the one with [...]

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Jožánek Babywearing Cardigan Renata (Radka)

Linda’s View: Again, we have some unfinished business here – this time, from the category of babywearing clothes. It is a babywearing cardigan Jožánek, which I was wearing for the whole winter last year. Thus the testing was really thorough. Jožánek is a Czech company, founded more than 10 years ago by a mum on maternity leave, Jana Gebauerová Havelková. They specialize in clothes for kids and pregnant, breastfeeding and babywearing mums. Besides their babywearing cardigan, I own a breastfeeding T-shirt, turtleneck and nightgown as well.  Last year, when I was looking for a babywearing sweatshirt or cardigan, the choice was much more desperate than it is nowadays. Everything was either super expensive (at least for my taste), too colourful or simply sold out. When Lenka drew my attention to this cardigan, I was truly excited – it was exactly what I was looking for! Simple, single-coloured and affordable. [...]

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Indajani Trousers

Do you remember us praising the Indajani carrier in our August review? At that time, we did not have the slightest idea what the future holds for us ... and the Mexican wind brings us! Shortly after the review was published, Erika, a member of Indajani team, contacted us and offered us to test more of their products. Moreover, she implied that they would send something “absolutely exciting”, a brand new product in their portfolio – honestly, we expected a wrap or another carrier, maybe some babywearing clothes ... but, in the end, the ocean liner brought us trousers made of wrap for adults and kids in several sizes! Lenka’s View Well, how to put this... the ˈharem-pantsˈ style of trousers suit only a tall stick Linda-type women. Add some butt and thighs to the design, in addition my nearly dwarf-like [...]

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Adom Profi Soft-Shell Jacket

Adom is a Czech clothes manufacturer from Liberec that offers not only babywearing jackets, but also many other soft-shell, non-soft-shell, adult, children, and even dog garments. To be honest, whether these are babywearing or non-babywearing clothes, it is no haute couture (despite the fact that ˈAdomˈ spelled backwards is ˈmodaˈ, i.e. ˈfashionˈ in Czech :D ) - especially some of the pieces of clothes for adults are something I would not hesitate to send straight to fashion hell right away. I suppose you have not heard about Adom yet, have you? Well, if I did not own one of their jackets, I would not probably know about its bare existence, either. Maybe one of the reasons is the quality of their web presentation - most of photos of the babywearing clothes are of poor quality, with models with no make-up or no styling whatsoever, with a doll instead of [...]

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Almya Anoraks

Almya is a Czech, relatively less well-known manufacturer of babywearing clothes, whose founders are (rather obviously) wearers themselves. Apart from these particular tested and reviewed anoraks, they offer soft-shell jackets and soft-shell clothes for kids. As one of the few manufacturers on the babywearing market, they also think about dads and offer a version of babywearing anorak for men as well. Unfortunately, our testing took place during very hot summer days in August. The material (I don’t know diddly-jack about this matter, it is simply a nylon cloth with covering on the inner side) is truly windproof; unfortunately (or fortunately?) we were not able to test its waterproofing – however, according to the references we could read, the anoraks are not 100% waterproof. ˈTo look becomingˈ is rather a subjective matter; however, numerous possibilities to adjust the width on different levels of the anorak do [...]

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Isara Toddler Carrier and Isara Winter Cover

I have to admit that I knew almost nothing about Isara before this particular testing. I knew that it existed, that it is ˈthat Romanian brandˈ(hmm, hmm); but, I have never encountered a carrier or a wrap from this manufacturer around here anywhere. Yet it is not a newbie on the babywearing market – the brand was founded as early as 2012 (yeah, by a babywearing mother and a babywearing consultant, Monica Olariu) – which is truly ˈearlyˈin the babywearing world. And honestly, do you know of a really well-established, global and high-quality Romanian brand of, ehm, anything? Perhaps, besides Dacia, the car manufacturer (quality of which I am really not able to judge, being a non-motorist; however, it is not a real star-jumper as I have heard) – I am not aware of any. I approached the carrier as I would the Dacia – with caution and low [...]

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