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Mini Meet-up with Wild Slings and ROAR

When you have the opportunity to see 19 (!!!) wonderful Wild Slings and ROAR wraps in one place at once, what do you do? You certainly do not hesitate! Linda and I, we did not, indeed - one Friday morning, we packed the camera and the kids and met our wonderful friend Markéta (who actually told us about the opportunity) and the most wonderful Iveta, who was travelling through Ostrava to the first all-Czech WS/ROAR meet-up with this incredible wrap-load, in Žirafa. Žirafa is probably the largest amusement park for children in Ostrava - one cannot call it a ˈplayroomˈfor sure, because it is as big as a hangar (in fact, it is in the exact same hall where a hobby market used to be). We were a little bit afraid that it would be too ˈbigˈ for our babygirls at first, but there was nothing to be afraid [...]

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Wild Slings Ancient Brushwood and ROAR KAP KAP (noir) Ring Sling

Today we have a bit archival and a bit atypical review for you, at least as far as the photos go. We usually do not keep the wraps we have for testing just for ourselves, but in case the time and place is convenient we try to show and offer them for brief testing to our eager fellow-wearers at some of the meet-ups of our local babywearing groups. Yup, groups as in plural - Ostrava, our home city, is large and there are many smaller babywearing sub-groups, from which probably the biggest and the most active one is the one from Poruba, where I and Linda live, i.e. ‘our’ group. :) We are used to organize meet-ups and picnics throughout the summer where we like to test different wraps and carriers. We just pack our blanket, home-made food and children and sit down with them in [...]

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In the Jeseníky without Linda

If you read Linda’s ˈshortˈ story ˈIn the Tatras with Lenkaˈ, you already know that we miraculously managed to coordinate our family vacation - do you know the urban legend that says that the menstrual cycle of women living in the same house or working in the same team synchronize after some time? Well, that is not really our case, but our vacation cycle has already synchronized, obviously - we chose exactly the same date and the same length of our trip, absolutely independently on one another. At least, not the exact same location. My husband and I, unlike Linda et al., are quite experienced tourists and travellers - to be honest, more of the urban explorer-kind than mountain and nature lover-kind of tourists, but we managed to travel around quite a piece of the Czech Republic and the whole world [...]

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In Tatras with Lenka

As some of you probably noticed on our Instagram, Lenka and I went on holiday last week. However, we did not go together – each of us chose a different location :) My husband, Helenka and I went to the Tatras, more specifically near Štrbské pleso, while Lenka went to the Jeseníky Mountains with her family. Now, you may be wondering about the story’s title – why on earth did she write ˈIn the Tatras with Lenkaˈ? The story goes like this ... When we planned our route to the Tatras, it caught my eye that the way goes through the town of Žilina (Slovakia). I told myself: “Well, Žilina, that is the seat of Lenka, the manufacturer of baby carriers and wraps, isn’t it? We could surely stop by.” And since I am an industrious girl, I immediately made an appointment. Now, do you think Lenka Cenigová [...]

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Loktu She in Paradise

Well, really! ;) In fact, there is a place in Ostrava called Dětský ráj, which can be translated as Kidsˈs Paradise. From time to time, our local babywearing group hosts a ˈgrand testing meetingˈ; this time it was a summer open-air meeting with picnic, where lots of beautiful wraps and interesting carriers were available to try out with the Loktu She wraps being the lead stars. Several wraps came directly from the manufacturer, namely the hot new Navis which came in two versions – Amphitrite and Ahoy, also the shiny new Bird Garden Orinoco, the never-aging Bird Garden Mint and the elegant Rhododendrons Ruby with very special composition. Moreover, as we are really good girls, we threw some of our own wraps in the testing stack, so that our fellow-wearers had enough ˈmaterialˈto cuddle with – my beloved Sea Motion Adriatic (there is a review here), Adriaticˈs equally loved [...]

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