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“This is not a suitable carrier” or How to give advice about babywearing

You have probably seen and experienced this on multiple occasions, mainly in different counsel babywearing groups on Facebook - a simple sentence “this is not a suitable carrier” and its different modifications, as an answer to questions concerning the choice or adjusting of different carriers. And I am not talking about the obviously unsuitable non-ergonomic carriers (i.e. narrow based carriers) like Chicco or the cheap fake and copies of carriers from China - but about let’s say “controversial” carriers - Ergobaby Omni 360 and Tula Explore, and also about the traditional and without any discussion perfectly ergonomic carriers like Manduca First or older types of Ergobaby.   Linda and I, we are admins of several such groups - aside from our regional babywearing group in Ostrava, we are administrators also of the all-Czech and Slovak group Nosící Česko-Slovensko (Babywering Czechia and Slovakia), which is primarily [...]

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Babywearing 101, vol. 5: Washing and Caring for Woven Wraps and Baby Carriers

Washing and caring for wraps and carriers – why so much ado about it? It is just a long piece of fabric with or without some buckles, isn’t it...? Well, it is not such an ordinary piece of fabric. It must have specific properties and be much more durable than, for example, your corduroys – after all, we carry those who are the most precious to us in the whole world in that “piece of fabric” and it requires special and somewhat more delicate care. This article will be long because I will try to mention everything I know about caring for the woven wraps and carriers. However, the basics can be summed up into 5 points: WASH FIRST: it is necessary to wash and iron most woven wraps before tying them for the first time (on the other hand, it is not necessary in case of most carriers); [...]

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Babywearing 101, vol. 4: Babywearing in Summer

Here we go again - as Jana pointed out recently: "Have you noticed that there are not 4 seasons in the babywearing groups, but only 2? Every one tries to figure out how to dress the wearie in hot weather from March to August. And from August to March, there are several questions about how to make the wearie warm enough on daily basis." We are asked about what wrap to buy or how to dress a baby when babywearing basically every day. So let's have a look at this matter. What wrap to buy? The answer to this question, in most babywearing groups, is usually "a thinner blended wrap with linen, hemp, silk, Tencel, or bamboo". Some experienced wearers may also recommend wool. Lenka will tell you more about the "blend theory": ;)  linen - it is usually the first blend anyone [...]

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Babywearing 101, vol. 3.: Choosing a Carrier

We discussed the advantages and disadvantages of a wrap and a carrier in the first part of our Babywearing 101 series. Whether you chose to wear your baby in the first or the latter, it is quite probable that you will have to choose a carrier one day, even if you want to use a wrap primarily. Honestly, I personally do not know any wrap-maniac who does not own at least one carrier. Even I, who loves wraps more than anything, have to admit that there are certain situations in which a carrier is much more handy than a wrap, for different reasons. Ergonomic carriers are no longer only Ergobaby, Manduca or KiBi. Same as in case of wraps, there is an endless number of carriers to choose from, and they do not differ only in colour and design, but also in material, system of adjusting and wearing, and [...]

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Babywearing 101, vol. 2: Choosing Your First Wrap

If you decided to wear your baby in a wrap after considering all the pros and cons (that we have already discussed in the first part of our “Babywearing 101” series), it is possible that you are now quite perplexed about what to choose. So many options - colours, patterns, lengths, weights, blends… Someone who has just entered the babywearing world is usually confused at first, and it is quite difficult for him/her to find his/her way through all the new information - and s/he definitely has no idea what to look for. Actually, the wraps are not ordinary pieces of cloth that would differ only in their looks - one could say it is a whole “wrap science”, in fact. However, it is not that difficult to gain basic overview in this area. Before I comment on “what, why and how much”, let’s take a look at some [...]

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Babywearing 101: A Wrap or a Carrier?

Some time ago, we published an article about potential risks of babywearing and the most common comments and objections the babywearing parents usually hear time to time. Now, we decided that the number of these articles, “About babywearing”, should be much higher - we are even planning on publishing a whole series of these articles! Today, I will focus on the basic question of most of the parents that begin or plan to begin to wear their baby; the one you see in any babywearing group several times a day - a wrap or a carrier?  A very simplified answer would be - wear in anything you want, the most important thing is that it should be comfortable both for you and your wearie. But what is “the best” and “the most comfortable”? A simple question, but a very difficult answer - this is an eminently individual matter.  [...]

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How to become a weaver in a few easy steps or Aloha, Honu!

Today, we have a slightly different article for you – we will introduce one wonderful hand-woven gem and also ˈMrs. Honuˈ; i.e. the lady whose hands wove the wrap, Erika Štěpánová. I must admit that I am not a HW wrap expert. We have already reviewed some (for example, Hopity, Cotton Cloud or AYU), but I have not exactly fallen for any of them to be honest. This time, I came across the opportunity to test a piece from Honu – a red-bordeaux-pink beauty Aloha (we hereby want to thank our dear friend Martina and her momentary babywearing retirement for this opportunity ;) ). When we were making the arrangement concerning the testing of the wrap, we started to chat with Erika via Messenger and realized that we have quite a lot in common – beginning with both of us being doctors on maternity leave. [...]

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Is Babywearing Potentially Harmful? – Myths and Legends about Ergonomic Babywearing

This article should have been here much sooner - in fact, it should have been here right at the beginnings of this blog. However, if you know about its existence and you came across this article, I assume that you have already decided on the main point - that you want to wear you baby. You probably also know about the positive aspects of babywearing. But, in this article, I want to cover the other, no less important topic - what are the risks of babywearing? Could all those notorious naggers among our family members, neighbours, random passers-by, clever gentlemen and ladies on the internet, but also among healthcare professionals, be right at something? This question was bothering me for quite some time, too. I searched all the available sources, reliable or non-reliable, and was worried like a dog when I started to [...]

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Why do I carry Emilka: When sheˈs ripe, sheˈll cut loose

During the time of my pregnancy, I was looking forward to going for walks with a stroller more than anything else, as well as my husband indeed. We both imagined our wonderful baby sleeping in a stroller while we cruised the streets of Ostrava, smiling happily at the little miracle bundled up in a swaddle blanket. Frankly, I was not aware of any mothers carrying their babies; of course – I knew that some people carry infants in wraps, however, I did not know anything about that and I did not plan to become a fulltime wearer at all. We prepared a beautiful nursery, with a beautiful cot; a baby-basket for our newborn to be near me at the beginning. Sleeping with the baby in bed – together? No waaaayyy! Carrying my baby? Oh, my pooor back! Attachment parenting? What? However, Emilka is a bit stubborn. In fact, she [...]

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How did babywearing with Helenka begin

I would like to describe how it happened that I became a wearer of my Helenka. The description will be quite extensive as I would like to remember everything as it happened. Indeed, I found out that the capacity of my brain is limited and that I tend to forget recent events (I blame the breastfeeding, of course). I hope this is just temporary. When Helenka was born, she was just perfect – 3,380 grams, 51 centimetres. Due to my flabby arms, it was sometimes a problem to carry her. That is why I usually just sat with her, holding her in my arms, or having her at my breast. To be honest, rocking or bouncing does not work for her, so I gave up on it pretty early and started to solve all our problems by nursing (the situation did not change until now – Helenka is one [...]

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