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Weird Slings Donut Worry in the Space

Composition: 100 % cotton Weight: 290 g/m² according to the manufacturer, 383 g/m² counted by us Size: long 6 (497 cm measured by us) Russian Jordan's carry I have already encountered Weird Slings before - this June I had the opportunity to test the friendly Frenchies with bamboo. I though it was a pleasant mini-baby wrap but I did not find it very supportive - one of those you love because of its design but otherwise, hmmm, it is kinda okay but nothing I would tell stories to my grandkids about... The bulldogs were one of the first Weird Slings' designs and releases ever - if I am not mistaken, they were the first release after the (already almost forgotten) moths (which are, by the way, in the brand's logo). Afterwards, Weird Slings began to profile towards the comic book type [...]

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ROAR Wraps Mega-review

ROAR, i.e. the middle one from the woven wrap children of Maciej Aleksandrowicz, is our old acquaintance - I have already written several reviews of these brand's wraps (for example a review of the three wraps in this article: From their first release in March 2018, I have tried a lot of these "fun and playful" wraps - this review is just a hint of the amount of the wraps I had the opportunity to tie during this year. If there is something I can say without any hesitation about ROAR generally - the wraps certainly develop and move forward. They are not the somewhat uniform, ordinary and a kind of boring all-cotton pieces (although you can find a few blended ones, too) with the only difference between them being their pattern. The first and the second "generation" of ROAR were quite pleasant cotton wraps, but certainly anything [...]

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Creatula Babywearing Jacket and Sweatshirt

Creatula is a new Czech brand of babywearing clothes, founded by two mums from Uherské Hradiště. They were not able to choose from the offer of babywearing garment available on the Czech market so they started to sew their own. Honestly, I understand it because I have not found the perfect babywearing jacket or hoodie that would have all the features I desire in such a piece of clothing yet, too (nope, not even my beloved Iw design hoodie is perfect in my eyes, in case you were wondering). However, I must say that Creatula came very near to my image of the "ideal" babywearing clothes. Creatula girls, Daniela and Eva, reached out to Linda and me this spring when we were busy preparing the European Babywearing Week minifestival here in Ostrava - we were more than happy to agree with their participation and subsequently organized a testing tour [...]

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Natibaby Parrots, Starry Night Blue and Swallows

The Polish brand Natibaby is not here for the first time, not even second or third time. This time we have triple review for you - two all-cotton wraps and a blended one with linen. Hereby we want to thank for the opportunity to test these wraps our dear fellow babywearers from our regional babywearing group in case of the Parrots and Starry Night and the Facebook group Nosíme děti (i.e. We wear our babies) in case of Swallows. Natibaby Parrots Composition: 100 % cotton Weight: 344 g/m² Size: 7 Front wrap cross carry (reinforced) I realized one thing during this testing - Natibaby wraps are obviously long - like VERY long, so long that they are actually one size longer than than indicated by the manufacturer. The was supposed to be a size 6 and it turned [...]

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PePe Porter Carrier

PePe Porter is a relatively new player on the Czech carrier field. PePe stands for Petra Pejsarová from Nová Ves near Mělník, Central Bohemia - and that is basically all the information I can give you about history of this brand. Again, relying on the "small Czech babywearing world" and its existence on Facebook only, therefore the absence of a proper website and lack of any easily retrievable information about PePe as a company. I actually had to dig up who PePe is and that her business is legal with a proper license number very deep in the order form you fill when ordering the carrier. Yeah, you can live and prosper like that too, but it does not look reliable nor professional in my point of view. The tested carrier is fully adjustable, from 3-4 months to 3 years according to the manufacturer. I [...]

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ElirilE Wraps Megatesting

Elirileis one of those brands that are as mysterious as the dark side of the Moon. I noticed it over a year ago in Brno at a babywearing festival – I knew it was a Slovakian brand and it did not take much browsing to find out that its founder is Lucia Metelková, doctor and mother of two, either. But the crucial information I wanted to know so bad – what the tongue-breaking „Elirile“ means – is nowhere to be found. This time I have review of 8 wraps for you – I must say that this June was the most exhausting month as to the testing I have experienced so far. Yes, Elirile, Rischino megapacket, GoBimbi – all of it at the same time while the little one already has her moments when she does not want to hop into a wrap at any condition. Phew. However, we [...]

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GoBimbi Testing

It was last autumn when I got all excited about Bimbi (now it is GoBimbi ;) ) - you can find the review of their wonderful Maxi carrier here. As you can read in that article, "Madame Bimbi" is Bronislava Froncová, a Slovakian mum of two. After we released the review we started chatting via Instagram and agreed on further testing of GoBimbi babywearing products. Hereby we want to thank her again for the exclusive opportunity to test the carriers and a wrap from her brand new collection as the first wearers from the Czech Republic. The current trend among the carrier manufacturers is to make wrap conversions from their own original wraps - GoBimbi went no different way; I actually praised this brand for their effort to stand out when reviewing the Maxi carrier with a beautiful original folk embroidery. My impression is that nowadays [...]

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Rischino Megatesting

Rischino is one of those brands that had to grow on me. Good wraps - but discrepancies in what the manufacturer declares as to their length (a very well broken-in size 5 measuring only 404 cm in case of an otherwise great Blue Starlight wrap) and as to their weight (super-skinny Mint Diamonds wrap with the declared weight of 285 gsm vs. the counted weight of 217 gsm); good carriers - the very good adjustable Flexible carrier and the Half Buckle Flexi carrier I liked even more; but still, Rischino was not one of the runner-ups among the babywearing brands for me personally. What changed my mind? Not only this tester mega-packet (provided by the Czech Facebook Rischino group - hereby we want to thank for the opportunity!), but let's not get ahead of ourselves. ;) Rischino by Kenhuru Candy Elephants Composition: 100% combed cotton [...]

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Zumbucca Carriers Testing

It is time to make amends (again)! Zumbucca is one of those brands we have been planning to write an article about for more than a year - I first encountered these carriers last June at a babywearing festival in Brno and again in autumn in Ostrava during the International Babywearing Week - and as you can see, we actually tested the carriers in winter (meanwhile, you already know the story - my gall bladder-hospital-surgery-Christmas - that is all history by now and luckily it did not interfere much with our testing - and yes, again, post-processing of the photos was the main thing that kept this review deep in our archive for so long :D ). I think I maybe mention it every time I write a review about an adjustable carrier and want to compare - Zumbuccas are great and we happily recommend [...]

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Weird Slings Pardon my French

Composition: 50% bamboo viscose, 50% organic cotton Weight: 254 g/m² according to the manufacturer, 265 g/m² counted by us Size: long 6 (503 cm measured by us) Rucksack carry with Tibetian knotless finish Weird Slings is a "weird" younger sibling of the Polish brand Woven Bliss whose spiritual mother is the same lady, Eliza Jankowska. Woven Bliss wraps are elegant, with relatively subtle patterns and colourways and belong to the, let's say, middle class as to their price. Weird Slings should be their cheaper, more casual, "crazier" eko-bio-fairtrade alternative (similarly to Wild Slings and ROAR) - for example, the wraps are packed in polyester backpacks made of recycled plastic bottles. I must say that the bulldogs, among other Weird Slings patterns (with the motto being "Be weird, like us!"), are probably the least [...]

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