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“This is not a suitable carrier” or How to give advice about babywearing

You have probably seen and experienced this on multiple occasions, mainly in different counsel babywearing groups on Facebook - a simple sentence “this is not a suitable carrier” and its different modifications, as an answer to questions concerning the choice or adjusting of different carriers. And I am not talking about the obviously unsuitable non-ergonomic carriers (i.e. narrow based carriers) like Chicco or the cheap fake and copies of carriers from China - but about let’s say “controversial” carriers - Ergobaby Omni 360 and Tula Explore, and also about the traditional and without any discussion perfectly ergonomic carriers like Manduca First or older types of Ergobaby.   Linda and I, we are admins of several such groups - aside from our regional babywearing group in Ostrava, we are administrators also of the all-Czech and Slovak group Nosící Česko-Slovensko (Babywering Czechia and Slovakia), which is primarily [...]

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LennyLamb LennyPreschool

Linda’s view: I was very excited to try this carrier, although my babywearing times with Helenka are long gone - nowadays, she only wants to be worn when she wants to cuddle for a short time or is jealous about her baby brother being worn. But we could not miss this opportunity to test this huuuuge carrier. LennyLamb is no start-up company in the babywearing world and it seems that this time, they wanted to fulfill their customers' wishes as well as they could. The detachable hood is something every parent appreciates, mainly during summer, the system of adjusting of the width of the back panel with marks according to age of the wearie is intuitive and the short padding of the shoulder straps enables to position the wearie very high when wearing on the back - assuming most people wear big children on the back. We tried the [...]

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Kavka Multi-Age Plus

As I already wrote in the Manduca First review, it is always the hardest to write a truly objective review about your own carrier which you have used so many times, you are familiar with its every thread and it is, in a certain sense, a stable member of your family already. My beloved Kavka Multi-Age Plus is the same case as Manduca. Although I am a huge fan of the classical Kavka Multi-Age, the Plus version has been my carrier love from the first sight and first wearing - I have never dreamt of a more comfortable, more beautiful and more meticulously sewn carrier with truly toddler-worthy dimensions than Kavka Multi-Age Plus! To be clear - it is not only a "bigger version" of the standard Multi-Age; its construction is different and more suitable for wearing [...]

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Rainbow Frog Tessere di Mosaico

Composition: 100% cotton Weight: 332 g/m² Size: 4 Rear rebozo reinforced rucksack carry with candy cane chest belt Today I have a review of one of my biggest HW loves for you - it is this quite ordinary looking shortie I bought last summer as the "last and ultimate" wrap for my then-2-years old toddler (haha, I would have never guessed that my now-3-years old little lady would fancy a now-and-then hop-on from time to time even now). Of course, such a wrap had to match my very specific criteria - I wanted a supportive wrap, but not too thick to be too big to fit in a small bag, no light colours but no brown-green-khaki scale/"earth" colours either, something hand woven and if possible, cheap. :D A lot of people had a good laugh about it in the FB group [...]

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Emeibaby Easy, Baby Size

Last summer, we had the opportunity to test the new version of the Austrian carrier Emeibaby with by-that-time-2-years-old Emilka. The carrier is still unique in several aspects, as well as its older version which we tested a year before when Emilka was about 1 year old. Both the tested carriers were Baby size, i.e. suitable for children from birth to 3 years according to the manufacturer, and it was small even for the 1-year-ld (you can find the review here). The most evident thing that is specific for Emeibaby carriers, is the construction of the back panel which is adjusted by a system of sling rings on its sides. This is still the same in the "Easy" carrier and I honestly do not think that there is anything "easier" about it compared to the older version. What is supposed to be [...]

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Tekhni Meandros Scarlet and Chloris Tidepool

Let's face is. Tekhni is no longer the most popular babywearing brand (at least in Europe) and the golden times of this manufacturer are long over. It is not longer "OMG, Tekhni!" but "hmmm, Tekhni..." for quite some time. Long over are the times when Tekhni wraps were so hard to get, second-hand pieces were sold for prices very close to (or over) the retail and everybody was looking for those "distant relatives in America" who would be willing to transport the most desired wraps to the Czech Republic without the necessity to pay the custom fees and taxes. Aside from the popularity issue, I love Tekhni wraps - Alpha Cinder was my second woven wrap (and the first one I got as a gift from my husband when Emilka was barely 3 months old); Arche Storm was the next one [...]

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Mirkine Onbuhimo size 3

The woman behind Mirkine is a Slovakian mum called Mirka ("Mirkine" means "Mirka's" in Slovak, not really a surprise, right?) who sows clothes for children, purses and backpacks and last (but not least) onbuhimos that are quite unique in several aspects (I am sorry for such a short "historical introduction" but this is everything the Internet gave me when asking about Mirka). There are two things about these onbuhimos that are very different from any other carrier of this type (i.e. carriers without a waist belt). The first difference is that the back panel is shaped for the bum of the wearie and creates a deep pocket itself - everyone who ever tried an onbuhimo must realize how difficult it might be to create a deep pocket with a big heavy wearie on her/his back in an ordinary "onbu", while in [...]

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Woven Wings Macbeth

Composition: 87 % cotton, 13 % merino Weight: 322 g/m² Size: 4 Front cross carry with a ring Today we reached very deep into our review archive - Emilka was barely one year old when we tested this wrap! Woven Wings, founded by three designers, babywearing moms and consultants Alaina Williams, Sarah Condry and Christina Mitchell, is one of the most well known British high end brands that emphasize the quality of the used materials, their ethical origin and local production. The first wraps were released in 2013 which makes it one of the most traditional woven wrap manufacturers in Europe. These triangles are probably one of the less known WW designs (their droplets, leaves, Geo Floral or simple geometric Geo patterns are far more popular with numerous releases - in contrast, there are only three "triangle" wraps). To be honest, at the first sight [...]

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VeKa Carriers

I was very excited about this testing or, in fact, re-testing! First time we tested Vekas it was spring/summer 2018 and one year later, during the summer 2019, we had the opportunity to try out the size 2 and the adjustable carrier. The first time, Emilka was tiny and light (about 70 cm/8 kg) and the second time she was already a big (and heavy :D ) young lady (86 cm/12 kg). Last time I fell in love with the adjustable version and was very curious how it would hold up with a much heavier load. VeKa Size 2 Size 2 is recommended for children from 6 months up to 2,5 years of age by the manufacturer. The carrier is partially adjustable (the width of the back panel can be adjusted by cords - honestly, not my favourite solution of adjustment, [...]

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HamaMama Nameless Neon Wrap

Composition: warp cotton + glitter, weft linen Weight: 384 g/m² counted by us Size: 8 (586 cm) Back wrap cross carry, Celtic knot finish We have not published a review of any hand woven beauty for a shamefully long time - last time it was about two beautiful NAMAK wraps (April 2019) and just a few weeks before that two wraps from Martina Diviak, a Czech-German weaver who weaves the wraps under the brand of HamaMama. But that does not mean I did not try any other HW wraps in the meantime - I had the opportunity to tie several of these unique gems, from Hopity, Honu, NAMAK, Solerin, AnnaTká, Fénix, Hoja, Indajani or Rainbow Frog and, of course, numerous Madalo wraps in different types of weave. It will take some time, but we will publish articles about them in the future, too. [...]

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