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Zumbucca Carriers Testing

It is time to make amends (again)! Zumbucca is one of those brands we have been planning to write an article about for more than a year - I first encountered these carriers last June at a babywearing festival in Brno and again in autumn in Ostrava during the International Babywearing Week - and as you can see, we actually tested the carriers in winter (meanwhile, you already know the story - my gall bladder-hospital-surgery-Christmas - that is all history by now and luckily it did not interfere much with our testing - and yes, again, post-processing of the photos was the main thing that kept this review deep in our archive for so long :D ). I think I maybe mention it every time I write a review about an adjustable carrier and want to compare - Zumbuccas are great and we happily recommend [...]

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Weird Slings Pardon my French

Composition: 50% bamboo viscose, 50% organic cotton Weight: 254 g/m² according to the manufacturer, 265 g/m² counted by us Size: long 6 (503 cm measured by us) Rucksack carry with Tibetian knotless finish Weird Slings is a "weird" younger sibling of the Polish brand Woven Bliss whose spiritual mother is the same lady, Eliza Jankowska. Woven Bliss wraps are elegant, with relatively subtle patterns and colourways and belong to the, let's say, middle class as to their price. Weird Slings should be their cheaper, more casual, "crazier" eko-bio-fairtrade alternative (similarly to Wild Slings and ROAR) - for example, the wraps are packed in polyester backpacks made of recycled plastic bottles. I must say that the bulldogs, among other Weird Slings patterns (with the motto being "Be weird, like us!"), are probably the least [...]

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Moisha Zephyr Lollipop and Ocean

It has been quite some time since we last published an article about Moisha. Now, we have a double review for you - one that we had to drag from the deepest depths of our archive and the other one very recent, but coincidentally both in the Zephyr pattern and both with quite interesting blends. I think I do not need to say much about Moisha - if any introduction is needed, you could read some info about this brand in the last year's review of three all-cotton wraps, continue with another all-cotton one and end up with an article about three beautiful Filigrán prototypes. Zephyr Lollipop Composition: 41 % cotton, 39 % TEC merino, 20 % mercerized cotton Weight: 305 g/m² pre-wash Size: 6 Rear reinforced rebozo rucksack with candy cane chest belt This wrap suddenly appeared at our home basically by an "accident" [...]

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Lenny Up Carrier and Lenny Lamb Wraps Testing

It is almost unbelievable that it has been almost a year since we last published an article about such a wrap-carrier giant like Lenny Lamb. Moreover, it was about a carrier, Lenny Lamb Wrap Tai (and before that, in the absolute prehistory of this blog, even without a proper photoshoot, the adjustable Lenny Up carrier) but we have not officially tested any of their wraps yet! However, during this spring we had the opportunity to try several Lenny Lamb wraps and also to re-test the Lenny Up carrier. Lenny Lamb is a family company that was born in the head of one mum from Warsaw in 2007. She had nothing to wear her son in – it is hard to believe that there was no baby wrap manufacturer in Poland, such a babywearing superpower nowadays, by that time. It was this mum, Asia Bogdan, her [...]

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Omnifera Inception 015, Morava Equinox and Skyfall Antares

It is impossible to dive deeper into our review archiver than this! Yes, your eyes work fine, the photos you see were taken in winter - not the last winter but winter 2017/18. At that time our blog did not even exist yet; however, Linda and I, we were already busy testing wraps and carriers and preparing first reviews. Do you want to know why we occasionally take so much time to publish an article? The answer is simple - the thing that takes the longest is the postprocessing of the photos (ufff) and to be honest - when there is no pressure we just let it be. :D These reviews were hidden under so much dust that we basically needed to use a virtual shovel to dig them up. But we did it, so here you go, yay! ;) There is no need to introduce Omnifera - it [...]

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Sestrice Mega-testing

Linda and I, we are very fond of the Slovakian brand Sestrice, whether it comes to their wraps or their marvelous carriers (we already published a review of one of their wraps - Slncia Lollipop and also a very excited article about their Carrier and Carrier Plus wrap conversions). This time, it was not only one wrap, not only one carrier - but the whole "Sestricebox" with 5 wraps and 2 carriers! Also, it was a lucky coincidence that my friend lent me another Sestrice wrap around the time of the Sestricebox testing, therefore - hold on tight! - here you have a review of 6 wraps (!) and a retest of Carrier Plus. Right in the beginning, I must applaud to Sestrice just for the choice of testers in their test-box - from a newborn wrap to a toddler piece; different types of weave, different blends and designs [...]

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KiBi EVO Carrier

During the last autumn, our local babywearing group had the opportunity to test the wrap-conversion KiBi carrier - basically a legendary and still very popular carrier manufactured in the Czech Republic which Linda and I are very fond of (it was actually Linda's very first carrier). We often recommend it to the babywearing beginners as an affordable, durable and long-term solution of their problem if they are looking for an adjustable carrier that will fit really "until the end". KiBi EVO is not an alternative version of the "old" KiBi but it replaced it completely. If you wish to buy the old version, from now on you can get only a second-hand one or probably some pieces forgotten in some e-shops. So what is different? The most obvious difference is the waist belt - its shape is different (is is not straight as in the [...]

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Angel Wings wrap cardigan and nursing top

It is no secret that Linda and I love Angel Wings babywearing clothes as you could have read in our article we published last autumn. This year, they also offer hot new items for pregnant and breastfeeding mums and we were very excited about the opportunity to try two of them on. "Angora" wrap cardigan Material: 80% polyester, 15% viscose, 5% spandex Size XS Lenka's View: Is this a vegan cardigan for real? I would never guess that after touching it for the first time and I would rather thing that there is some noble sheep hidden in it - it does not feel like made of artificial material at all and feels very pleasant on bare skin. It is a little bit hairy and unfortunately tends to develop lumps, mainly in the most exposed places but that is not surprising [...]

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NoMa Baby Klasik Carrier

NoMa Baby is one of the less notorious Slovakian manufacturers of carriers and woven wrap accessories (at least in the Czech Republic). I need to say - what a shame, right in the beginning! I have been following NoMa on Facebook for quite some time, I really like their work and therefore I was very glad I got the opportunity to test one of their carriers. I also have one remark to start with - although I have already somewhat came to terms with this fact in the babywearing world and it does not surprise me anymore, the online existence of some brands only on Facebook does not seem adequate anymore (mainly if the manufacturer does not share much information about themselves, just like in case of NoMa). Nowadays, when the babywearing market is oversaturated and the competition between the manufacturers is [...]

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Wild Slings Les ténèbres Nimbostratus and Nocturne La potion de la sorcière

What is the first thing that comes to your mind if a wrap is referred to as a "crazy thick blanket"? A high-weight Luluna? A puffy-weave Yaro? Something hand-woven? The first thing I think of is the brand of Wild Slings and their "towels", i.e wraps with "fluffy cloud cotton" as their manufacturer lovingly calls it. This fluffy cloud cotton is basically something like the good old chenille. Chenille is soft and hairy yarn that scarfs, sweaters or blankets are usually made of (in case it is still not clear, this is what Wikipedia says about chenille ;) ). I was not my first encounter with a WS "towel" - last autumn, I had the opportunity to try La forêt vierge Cumulus, when Iveta (Czech "Mrs. Wild Slings", the administrator of the Czech and Slovak WS/ROAR/DISO fan group and owner of many wonderful wraps from these [...]

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